Feel like yourself again with help from the leading experts in natural mental healthcare.

benefits of naturopathic treatment for mental illness

                  • Achieve rapid, noticeable symptom improvement
                  • Avoid harmful drug interactions or side effects
                  • Treat the underlying cause of illness
                  • Feel listened to AND understood
                  • Avoid, reduce, or eliminate medications


Fountainhead Naturopathic Mental Health Clinic provides expert naturopathic treatment to people with mental health concerns, training for naturopathic doctors through its residency, research to advance the understanding of safe, effective, natural therapies in treating serious mental illness, and hope for all that recovery is possible.


At Fountainhead Naturopathic Mental Health Clinic, we envision a transformation in the culture of mental healthcare in California from one of symptom relief through suppression, to one of relief through natural therapies that stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal.